21st November 2017

The Muslim community within the UK are afflicted with similar issues as the rest of society; alcohol and drugs misuse, homelessness, mental and physical illness, domestic and sexual violence, oppression, youth problems, economic deprivation and many more… This cannot be ignored and needs to be urgently addressed.

Considerable efforts are made by smaller charities within the communities in the UK to tackle such problems but cannot boost their services due to no or lack of resources, finances, awareness of Funders, or simply, rely only on public donations.

The intention behind the Meet the Funders event is to help charities in the UK that support British Muslims achieve their goals by strengthening their income stream, developing and building relationships with well-known Funders and to connect with other charities to collaborate, learn from and unite.

Event Schedule

Funders will speak about who they are, what they fund, criteria and process of applying for a grant.

Q&A Session
Ask questions directly to the funders about funding your organisation. There will be an opportunity to discuss questions, share experiences and work in partnership.

Networking Opportunity 
A forum to meet other organisations. Share your ideas and collaborate to achieve your objectives.

Registration Criteria

There are limited spaces. Before booking, your organsation needs to meet the following criteria:

  1. Organisation must be working and based in the UK.  
  2. Organisation must be registered with the Charity Commission, Companies House or be a voluntary group with a Constitution.  
  3. Organisation must have at least one of the following programmes; 
Domestic and/or sexual violence
          Youth work and older people 
Disabled people (mental/physical) 
Disadvantaged BAME communities
Alcohol/drugs misuse.

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